When I make my kitchen-kits and spoons I work with fresh wood. The tree is taken down close by the workshop, mostly not more than a hundred meters away. I cut the log into suiting lengths and split the pieces. Then I split the half logs into smaller pieces and carve blanks from the fresh wood. The blanks are left to dry for a few days and then the finishing process of carving the blanks into spoons and spatulas starts. 
Working with fresh wood is a way to really work locally, and get your material as close as possible. The process of drying the wood becomes a part of the workprocess. There is no need for milling and drying wood, and therefore no need for transportations. The process of drying can be done without 
The fresh wood can be taken right outside the workshop. The waste material becomes firewood or compost. Working with fresh wood is a way to process the wood locally from the felling of the tree to the finished product. 

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