The kitchen sets from ahardslojdlife are carved from fresh birch, with just a few handtools, in a studio in Ljusdal, Hälsingland. The utensils are toolfinished, not sanded, which means that they don´t get any raised grain in contact with water. The facets from the knife give the utensils a genuine, handmade feeling and with time also a beautiful patina.  
Each set consists of five different tools: a cookingspoon, jamspoon, stirringspatula, pancakespatula and a spreaderknife. Each of the utensils can also be bought seperately. They are made from light natural birch or heat-treated birch which is darker.
The kitchen sets are treated with raw, cold-pressed linseed oil without additives. Since the oil penetrates into the wood and hardens, no further oiling is necessary. If you want to touch up the surface after some use you can oil the utensils with some olive oil. Or off course you can use linseed oil. 

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