I wrote the book "The Art Of Whittling" in the spring of 2017 for Carlton Books. It was published in october 2017. I have always seen myself as a slow writer, that needs to consider every word carefully, but when I got the schedule for the publishing of this book I needed to make quick decisions. I have worked with craft for a long time, both as a self-emplyed in arts and craft and building preservation, as a teacher, and for four years as a trained craft consultant within the swedish governmental craftprogram. During this time I have seen gaps that I got the opportunity to fill with this book, and so the table of contents was easy to establish. I have written about some of the things that has not been enough documented, in my oppinion, and things that has been my trade secrets, in a way; things that I learned along the way that made me develop my skills. I hope that this book will find it´s own place in the range of books about whittling. Carlton wanted to make a book with a scandi approach on whittling. I think we managed to do that. A book that will help you grow your experience. Because whittling is not just a bunch of shapes and patterns and techniques. It is very much a lifelong incubation in your hands´ full potential.



Whittling is more than just a way of busying idle hands - it is a pastime for those who love the texture of wood and a way of life for those who feel a special connection between people and trees.

This beautiful and practical guide to the art of whittling offers the perfect antidote to the stresses of modern life and a means of getting back to basics and creating unique items from scratch. Inside you will learn about the ancient art of whittling as one of the earliest forms of artistic expression; the different types of wood to use in your work; the simple tools you need to get started; and the various cutting techniques.

The Art of Whittling also preaches the idea of Danish hygge - translating to coziness and being with friends and family in a warm atmosphere. Here, author Niklas Karlsson gives us an insight into why the Danes are considered the happiest people in the world - and how you can bring some hygge into your own lives.

More than just a manual, this book offers a contemplative view on a skill that is more popular than ever.



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Author: Niklas Karlsson
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9781787390034
Language: English
Number of pages: 160
Released: 2017-10-05
Publisher: Carlton Books Ltd
Weight: 556 grams





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